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DP Advanced (Simulator)

DP Advanced (Simulator)

Course Overview:

  • DP incidents
  • Construction, use, and interpretation of work site diagrams, charts, and vessel templates for use in DP operations.
  • Preparation of plans for a projected DP operation, including risk assessment contingency plans to cover any foreseeable system failure.
  • Participation in simulated exercises involving a variety of DP operations, both routine and emergency.
  • Risk and safety analysis and defining the different DP equipment classes
  • The DP system’s utilization of position measurements
  • New developments in DP systems, including position reference systems and control systems


Training Methodology: DP Advanced (Simulator) is predominantly practical/operational based — using Kongsberg redundant DP system simulators in a bridge-like environment — with some theoretical lessons. By applying the lessons learned in both the DP Basic course and the 60 DP sea time days required for completion of task sections, participants will work on realistic DP-based scenarios under varying simulated conditions — including errors, faults, and failures. Participants will have the opportunity to practice all aspects of the planning and conduct of typical DP operations, including the handling of emergencies. A rotary system will be used to allow participants to role-play in a variety of capacities throughout the course.


Learning Objectives: Upon completion of DP Advanced, participants should be able to:

  • Carry out operational planning, risk assessment, and hazard identification tasks.
  • Set up the DP system for a particular task.
  • Operate the communications.
  • Analyze the trends.
  • Discuss systems failures.
  • Decide on courses of action because of systems failures.
  • React to alarms and printer readout.
  • Initiate DP Alert status alarms.
  • React to all events occurring.
  • Operate the desk under normal pressured conditions.
  • Practice effective teamwork.
  • Apply the lessons learned to date.


Admission Requirements:

  • Completion of DP Basic (Introductory)
  • A minimum of 60 DP sea time days AND completion of task section onboard a certified DP class vessel + Company confirmation letter.


Target Group: DP operator trainees


Assessment: At the end of DP Advanced, each participant will be tested by the Nautical Institute’s online examination.

Maximum 4 persons


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