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DP Revalidation

DP Revalidation

Course Overview:

  • Principles of DP
  • Elements of a DP system
  • Practical operation of a DP system
  • Position Reference Systems
  • Environmental sensors and ancillary equipment
  • Power generation and supply
  • DP operations
  • DP Alarms, warnings, and emergency procedures
  • DP rules and regulations


Training Methodology: DP Revalidation includes practical/operational exercises — using Kongsberg redundant DP system simulators in a bridge-like environment — that are complemented with theoretical lessons. Participants will be given a review of DP principles and operation and rules and regulations with the use of lectures, case studies, and simulation.


Learning Objectives: Upon completion of DP Revalidation, participants should have a renewed understanding of:

  • General principles of dynamic positioning
  • Practical operation of DP and associated equipment, including position reference systems, heading reference systems, and wind sensors and other environmental reference systems
  • Operational planning, risk assessment, and ability to react to various alarms, warning, and informational messages through simulated exercises on Kongsberg redundant DP systems
  • Current national and international rules and regulations for DP


Target Group: DP operators renewing their DP certificate with less than 180 DP days.


Duration:  4 days


Capacity: Maximum 10 persons


Price: $2000 USD