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DP Basic (Weekend)

DP Basic (Weekend)

Please check course sign up description for class dates.


Course Overview:

  • General principles of dynamic positioning
  • The elements of a DP system, including:
      • Computers and control elements
      • Position reference systems
      • Heading reference systems
      • Wind sensors and other environmental reference systems
      • Power generation elements
      • Thrusters and maneuvering systems
  • Sensors and common position reference systems; their principles of operation, their use, operational merits and limitations
  • Practical demonstration and operation of a typical DP system
  • DP vessel operations. Hazards associated with certain types of operation
  • Power generation, redundancy, and management
  • DP watchkeeping, watch handover procedures — including communication and documentation


Training Methodology: DP Basic (Introductory) is predominantly theory based with guided practical exercises on a PC-based simulator of the Kongsberg DP system. Each participant will have his/her own DP operator station.


Learning Objectives: Upon completion of DP Basic, participants should:

  • Have knowledge of the principles of DP.
  • Have acquired an understanding of how to set up a DP system.
  • Have an understanding of the practical operation of associated equipment, including position reference systems.
  • Be able to recognize the various alarm, warning, and information messages.
  • Be able to relate the DP installation to the ship system, including power supply, maneuvering facility, available position reference systems, and nature of work.
  • Be able to relate DP operations to the existing environmental conditions of wind, sea state, current/tidal stream and vessel movement.


Admission Requirements:

The minimum STCW qualification is required (as per The Nautical Institute’s Dynamic Positioning Operator Training Scheme Accreditation Standard, March 2014):

  • Regulation II/1 – II/2 – II/3 Deck or
  • Regulation III/1 – III/3 Engine or
  • Regulation III/6 ETO


Officer trainees (cadets or ratings on a defined training program):

Prospective DPOs who are in the process of training for an STCW certificate can start the DP scheme and complete the Introductory course and 30 days DP sea time only between the Introductory and Simulator course.


Target Group: Navigators, DPO trainees, maritime academy cadets, and other users of DP systems who would like to begin the Nautical Institute’s DP Operator Training Scheme and work toward obtaining a DP Certificate.


Assessment: At the end of DP Basic, each participant will be tested by the Nautical Institute’s online examination.


Capacity: Maximum 8 persons


DP Logbook Fee: $100 USD included in total cost


Price: $2300 USD