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DP Operator Shortage in OSV Industry

DP Operator Shortage in OSV Industry

DP Operator Shortage in OSV Industry

An expected shortage of experienced DP operators for the offshore support vessel industry is a growing concern among industry executives. That was the assessment given by industry insiders at Riviera Maritime Media’s European Dynamic Positioning Conference in London this week.

When demand for offshore drilling improves, there is expected to be too few dynamic positioning officers to meet the demand of offshore support vessels. The reasons for the shortage are several. Many companies have laid off employees during the current downturn, while other employees trained in dynamic positioning have left the industry altogether. And there are fewer young DPOs obtaining the necessary accreditation and experience to fill the vacancies. The lead time required to take the required training courses, get hands-on experience at sea, and obtain accreditation from the Nautical Institute can be months to more than a year long. As a result, one of the biggest risks to the DP sector is a lack of experience and a growing generation gap.

DP Training Solutions LLC (DPTS) is a leader is addressing these issues. Offering DP certification courses on state-of-the-art Kongsberg equipment by a team of experienced senior DPOs, DPTS focuses on the younger generation of dynamic positioning officers, while also providing refresher courses and advanced training to more experienced officers. It offers a flexible schedule, with both weekend and weekday courses available, and a service that can streamline the accreditation process.